This website facilitates to book ‘TTD Kalyanamandapams’ across Andhra Pradesh for celebrating marriages as per Hindu religious customs & traditions.

Only Hindus having faith in Hindu religion will be permitted for performing marriages in TTD Kalyanamandapams.

The age of bride shall be 18 years and above, the age of bridegrooms shall be 21 years as on date of marriage.

The Kalyanamandapam booked for performing marriage shall be strictly permitted for marriage only as per TTD rules & regulations and no other functions will be permitted.

The Kalyanamandapam booked in favour of a bridegroom & bride will not be transferred to others under any circumstances.

The Kalyanamandapam can be booked for any available date reckoning ‘ONE DAY’from 3 PM to 3 PM the next day in Rayalaseema area and from 6 AM to 6 AM the next day in Coastal Andhra and Telangana areas.

Please visit the Kalyanamandapam before booking.

Consuming liquor & non-vegetarian food is strictly prohibited in the premises of TTD Kalyanamandapam.

The marriage party is requested to furnish correct information and for any legal or other issues arising out of furnishing false information, the concerned party will squarely be held responsible.

The TTD reserves the right to cancel the booking with out assigning any reason.In such case total service charges will be refunded.

The Electricity consumption charges are to be paid extra as per actual consumption (as per meter reading) and as per the tariff in force on the date of marriage (with applicable Service tax).

Where ever water facility is available TTD will supply water and a lump sum amount Rs.100 /- will be collected. Otherwise the marriage party shall make their own arrangements at their own cost.

The service charges with water charges (if applicable) with applicable Service Tax shall be payable at the time of Booking of Kalyanamandapam.

The marriage party is solely responsible for the loss / damage of any articles of TTD. The value of lost / damaged articles will be claimed from security deposit amount.

While vacating the Kalyanamandapam, it is responsibility of the marriage party to clean the Kalyanamandapam and handover back. Failure to do so, the same will be got done by TTD duly meeting the same from the security deposit.

Post ponement of booking dates under any circumstances will not be considered. However for cancellation the party should apply 15 days in advance of date of booking and 25% of the service charges will be with held towards cancellation charges and 75% service charges will only be refunded. Other wise no refund of service charges will be made. In any case Service Tax is collected will not be refunded.

Marriage party has to make their own electrical power arrangements for external / internal decoration illumination, by way of Generator or temporary connection from Electricity Board, if required. Under any circumstances no internal / external decoration illumination will be permitted from T.T.D Kalyanamandapam service connection.

The marriage party has to produce the (1) original print out of acknowledgement receipt,(2) original ID proofs (of Bride and Bridegrooms) as uploaded during booking , to the Manager for occupation of Kalyanamandapam.

The amplifiers / speakers etc., shall be operated at low level during reception or marriage, so that it does not cause nuisance to the public. Heavy sound emanating drums/musical instruments of Orchestra etc., are not permitted.

The marriage party shall take care of their baggage and valuables (cash, jewels etc.,) TTD is not responsible for any loses.

Under no circumstances the amount will be refunded unless otherwise specified, except during natural Calamities when the Kalyanamandapam is not in usable condition or the party could not turn up due to civic disturbances.
Note: Valid proofs shall be furnished by the marriage party in case of civic disturbances.

Fire works / Firing of Crackers in the premises and in front of the Kalyanamanadapam are strictly prohibited.

Marriage of only one couple (in whole name booking is made) will be permitted for the date booked.

Marriage certificate will be issued only in the name of the couple whose names are registered on - site ,at the time of booking.

The Security Deposit shall be paid at the time of occupying the Kalyanamandapam to the Kalyanamadapam Manager..
I Accept Terms & Conditions Mentioned above
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